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Source: Studiology – Karen Rexrode

I recently completed a commission for Saint Apollonia, the Patron Saint of Dentistry. A gift for a retiring dentist, the plan was to build a 3D, assemblage piece, following the elements associated with Saint Apollonia. I have a little book of saints and followed the color scheme of red and green.

Patron Saint of Dentistry Apollonia

The back story is pretty gruesome, as are most saintly tales. Saint Apollonia’s teeth were broken as she suffered at the hands of torturers. It was demanded that she renounce Christ, or the torture would continue. If loosing all of her teeth weren’t enough, a fire was built and she was going to be burned alive, only spared if she obeyed. She asked if her torturers might release their hold on her and she proceeded to jump into the fire, unafraid of death.

Saint Apollonia

Always depicted with tooth extractors, a molar and fire, she heals those suffering from toothaches or other dental problems.  It was pointed out to me that the configuration of elements produces an A, something I failed to notice. This project was perfectly timed as I’ve been working on my “Saints and Sinners” show for fall.


Dentist in Ashburn VA | New Study Shows Dental Treatment During Pregnancy is Safe

Article found in Medical News Today


It’s safe for pregnant women to undergo dental treatment with local anesthetics, according to a new study published in The Journal of the American Dental Association (JADA).

“Our study identified no evidence to show that dental treatment with anesthetics is harmful during pregnancy, and yet so many pregnant women avoid going to the dentist,” said study author Aharon Hagai, D.M.D. “We aimed to determine if there was a significant risk associated with dental treatment with anesthesia and pregnancy outcomes. We did not find any such risk.”

The researchers compared the pregnancy outcomes between a group of women exposed to dental treatment with anesthetics and a control group that did not have treatment. The study shows that exposure to dental care and local anesthetics during pregnancy is not associated with increased risk for major medical problems in newborns. Examples of such diagnoses include cerebral palsy, cleft lip and heart defect. The study also compared the rate of miscarriages, premature deliveries and birth weight between the two groups, and found no reason to associate dental treatment and local anesthetics with increased risk of negative outcomes.

According to the study, previous research shows that many pregnant women do not seek dental treatment, even when a dental problem exists. A mother’s oral health during pregnancy is critical, as pregnant women may have increased risk of tooth decay because of increased carbohydrate consumption and difficulties brushing their teeth because of morning sickness, gag reflex and increased gum bleeding.

“It is a crucial period of time in a woman’s life and maintaining oral health is directly related to good overall health,” said Dr. Hagai. “Dentists and physicians should encourage pregnant women to maintain their oral health by continuing to receive routine dental care and seeking treatment when problems arise.”


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Dentist Ashburn | An Important Reminder

Dentist Ashburn VAWhat’s on your checklist this month?

As school starts, we’re reminded of all of the exciting change taking place in the lives of our children. It’s a busy time, filled with obligations. Your checklist seems endless with your “to-do’s” before that monumental first day of class.

Your children are excited about who will be in their class, wondering about their new teacher and interested in extra curricular activities—it’s no surprise that your dental appointments seem to be the last thing on the list.

Did you know?

Untreated dental caries can lead to pain, weight loss, missed school days, poor appearance, decreased self-esteem and, in severe cases, even death. Dental disease is preventable, yet dental care is the most common unmet health treatment need in children.

What can you do?

We strongly advise scheduling your appointments and your children’s appointments months in advance. This allows you to prioritize care, and shows your children that their health is important—even when their lives are busy. Let’s face it; before we know it, the holidays will be upon us.

We look forward to seeing you and your family soon and wish you luck as you embark on the exciting new school year. Contact our Ashburn dentist as soon as possible to schedule an appointment.

Dentist Ashburn VA | What Your Mouth Says About Your Health

Dental troubles may reveal a lot about problems elsewhere in your body. Read more about how your oral health can affect your overall health.

Dentist in Ashburn


Your Mouth, Your Health

  1. Can Mouth Bacteria Affect the Heart?
  2. Gum Disease and Diabetes
  3. Dry Mouth and Tongue Cause Tooth Decay
  4. Medications That Cause Dry Mouth
  5. Stress and Teeth Grinding
  6. Osteoporosis and Tooth Loss
  7. Pale Gums and Anemia
  8. Eating Disorders Erode Tooth Enamel
  9. Thrush and HIV
  10. Treating Gum Disease May Help RA
  11. Tooth Loss and Kidney Disease
  12. Gum Disease and Premature Birth
  13. What Healthy Gums Look Like


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