Ashburn Dentist | Healthy Lunch Ideas for Both Children and Adults

Dentist AshburnSeptember is Childhood Obesity Awareness Month. It is also a time when our schedules become busy with school, after-school activities, work and social gatherings. When short on time it can be tempting to buy convenient lunch foods, which at times lack nutritional value. We’ve put together a list of healthy lunch and snack foods to promote oral and overall health of our community.

Apples & Pears

Firm, crunchy fruits are high in water content. This dilutes the effects of the sugar they contain and help to stimulate saliva production, making them excellent for oral health.

Water & Milk

Water and milk are far better choices than sugary juices and sports drinks, which contribute to decay. If you choose to allow sugary drinks, save them for an after school snack and encourage brushing after consumption.

Cheeses & Nuts

The calcium and phosphorus found in these foods help to re-mineralize teeth by strengthening the tooth’s enamel.

Carrots & Broccoli

Replace a bag of chips with colorful vegetables and a low-fat dip. This will encourage your children to make a habit of snacking healthy and help them to get the vital vitamins and nutrients needed for oral and overall health.

Childhood obesity and childhood caries are of the most common ailments effecting American children today. Help your children by making healthy food available every day.

We welcome both children and adults of all ages to our dental practice. Don’t forget to make brushing and flossing an important part of your child’s routine, as well as regular visits to our dental office in Ashburn, VA.

Ashburn VA Dentist | Dr. Oz’s Advice: Brush Your Teeth to Prevent a Heart Attack

By: Katie Kindelan via Good Morning America

Have you brushed your teeth yet today?

Everyone knows taking good care of your mouth, from daily brushing to frequent flossing, helps refresh your breath and protect your gums, but can it help save your heart too.

New studies show that having gum disease can quadruple your risk of stroke and spike your risk of a heart attack up to one dozen times higher by releasing plaque-causing bacteria into your bloodstream.

Dr. Mehmet Oz, host of “The Dr. Oz Show,” visited “Good Morning America” today with a pop quiz on teeth health.

Read below for even more teeth-cleaning tips from Dr. Oz. The answers will keep your breath fresh, and save your heart too.

More Teeth Tips from Dr. Oz:

  • Brush your teeth for a full two minutes every day.
  • Be careful not to brush too hard, and pick a soft-bristled brush with tapered tips.
  • Make sure your toothpaste does not contain triclosan or sodium lauryl sulfate as ingredients.
  • Reach for a natural mouthwash that is both alcohol- and sugar-free.
  • Chewing sugarless gum and mints is a great way to help protect your teeth against enamel decay, but make sure what you chew is sugarless in order to prevent tooth decay.