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Did you know a sore jaw or a headache can be a sign of teeth grinding? Most people grind their teeth while they are asleep and are unaware they are doing it.

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Click the link below for more surprising triggers that can cause you pain, provided by WebMD.

WebMD: 23 Surprising Pain Triggers

Dentist in Ashburn VA | Oral Health Care Tips

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Our dentist in Ashburn is committed to providing patients with information to better understand their oral health.

Click the link below to view some interesting and informative tips and advice on how to better understand your oral health care, provided by WebMD.

WebMD: Oral Health Care


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Dentist Ashburn | New Year, New You!

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Many of us spend the majority of our lives giving to others, caring for others and providing for others. This can be a very rewarding way to live.

However, at times it can leave you wondering when there will be time for me.

Many times, we put off prioritizing our own health and happiness, and this becomes our way of life.

We want to encourage you to make a resolution this year – involving you. It’s important to make your health and self-esteem a priority for a long and happy life.

If you’ve been considering cosmetic or restorative dentistry for years, but for one reason or another have not made your own wants and needs a priority…

Now is the time!

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