Digital X-Rays

Ashburn, VA Dentist

Every day I see people who ask me. Do I really need these X-rays? People are very savyy and are very concerned about radiation exposure – and rightly so. Radiation is scary. I wouldn’t want unnecessary radiation.

First, let me state that in my office you will NEVER be forced or shamed into having anything done that you don’t feel comfortable with. That is my promise. The bottom line is this: if you don’t want x-rays, you do not have to have x-rays. It’s your mouth and I will always respect your choice. That being said there are many compelling reasons to allow us to take x-rays.

  1. X-rays are the only way that we can see through the gums and into the teeth and bone in your jaw.
  2. Without and x-ray I have less than 50% of the information I need to make a proper diagnosis. This could mean the difference between finding a cavity at stage 1 or missing it, only to have the tooth get infected and need a root canal later.
  3. I have equipped my office with DIGITAL x-rays. Our system takes the same picture that a standard x-ray film does, except with 90% less radiation. You get more exposure to radiation from the automatic door sensor at Target and about 1000 times more just by being out in the sun for 1 hour.
  4. With DIGITAL X-rays, I can blow up the image like 100 times and also enhance it so I can see everything better. It’s way cool.
  5. We follow the guidelines put forth by the American Dental Association in terms of frequency of exposure.

I believe with all my heart that dental X-rays are safe and effective. I hope this helps to answer your questions and concerns.  Contact our Ashburn dentist for more information on X-rays.