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Do you have crooked teeth or gaps in your smile? Now you can have the smile you always wanted, without having to wear traditional braces.  

The Clear Path to a Straight Smile

Free whitening after Invisalign®

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Invisalign® Is The Clear Smile Solution

Boost Your Confidence Stop hiding your smile. Improve your confidence and self-esteem. After Invisalign®, you'll be eager to share your smile.

The Invisible Alternative Unlike traditional braces, Invisalign® is clear. You won't have to worry about someone seeing your aligner - it's your secret.

Achieve a Straight Smile Invisalign® can help you have the perfect, straight smile you have always wanted. It's as effective as traditional braces. 

What is Invisalign®?

Invisalign utilizes 3-D computer imaging technology to correct problematic bites or malocclusions by planning a complete sequence of custom-made clear aligners. This series of clear aligners, each of which is worn for a couple of weeks, incrementally move the teeth into place until the final desired corrections are reached.  

Do you notice any of the following when you look in the mirror? • A crowded smile • Improper bite alignment or tooth alignment • Gaps and spaces between teeth • Crooked teeth 

If you said yes to any of these, you may be a candidate for Invisalign®. 

Comfortable, Hassle-Free

Invisalign® is the comfortable and hassle-free choice for straightening your teeth. It's the perfect solution for busy adults of all ages.  

To complement your new smile, we offer a post-Invisalign® whitening treatment for all our patients free of charge.

Dr. Rick Rios

Dr. Mina Ranzurmal

Quality You Can Trust, From A Team The Puts You First.

At Rios Dentistry, Dr. Rick Rios and Dr. Mina Ranzurmal haved helped countless patients have their dream smile with Invisalign®. They can help you decide if Invisalign® is the best choice for you.  

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