Sedation Dentistry

Ashburn, VA Dentist

Hi, welcome to Doc Talk with me … Dr. Rick Rios

If you’re watching this, you are probably interested in Sedation Dentistry.

“Wake up you’re done!” … I love saying those words to patients…

The reason I love those words is that it usually means we’ve helped to change a life.

What I mean is that there are thousands of people who are terrified of going to the dentist. As a result have extensive dental problems and they feel hopeless.

Many times it is because of a bad experience as a child or young adult. It is NOT their fault. They’re not bad people, they’re just scared. And that’s OK!

With Sedation dentistry, we can easily and safely treat even the most anxious dental patient.

There are no IV needles involved, just two little pills and some laughing gas.

Whatever the reason for your anxiety may be, know that you do not need to suffer any longer.

My team and I are specially trained to support you throughout the entire process.

We can erase years of dental problems and “turn back the clock” to a healthier, more attractive you.

Best of all, you can sleep through it! And maybe one day “Wake up — you’re done” will be some of your favorite words, too.

With the many advances in dental technology, Dr. Rios is able to efficiently provide quality dental care to you and your family by offering sedation dentistry. You no longer have to postpone your dental appointments in fear of the dentist. We are a gentle and caring team and we want to make sure that you are able to tend to your oral health in a way that is most comfortable for you.

Sedation Dentistry works for patients who:

  • Feel uneasy in the chair
  • Have difficulty getting numb
  • Fear needles and drills

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