Ashburn Dentist

At the office of Dr. Rick Rios, we use the latest in dental technology. Our office features the following.

Itero Scanner

Why Use a Scanner

Digital X-Rays

Digital X-Rays eliminate the inconvenience and environmental impact associated with disposal of conventional film developers. The digital images (X-Rays) are also immediately available for viewing. They allow for accurate diagnosis and facilitate effective doctor-patient communication. They are also safer for the patient because the exposure rate is up to 50% less than traditional x-rays.

Soft Tissue Laser

With a soft tissue laser, our team and doctors will be able to provide you with treatment that is more precise and less painful. With a soft tissue laser, we are able to perform a variety of treatments that can help reshape or remove soft tissue.


CEREC utilizes the latest dental technology to maximize the speed and quality of restorative dental care we provide to you. The CEREC machine creates a crown customized to your tooth’s shape and color in the comfort of our office. This allows us to restore your tooth in a single appointment.

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