Ashburn Dentist

Just curious.  If there were a magic substance that we could paint on your teeth in less than a minute, you could eat and drink right away, it could literally make the molecular structure of your teeth impregnable to bacteria, it could decrease sensitivity, it could seal microscopic pores and cracks on your teeth, it could seal and protect the gaps around fillings and crowns, it could protect the exposed roots of your teeth from the effects of dry mouth, it could actually kill bacteria in the mouth and it stayed active for about 4 months wouldn’t you want it?  Yeah me too – it’s called Fluoride Varnish.

Unlike in the past when you bit into a tray with this horrible tasting gel or foam and drooled for 4 minutes, we can paint this little liquid on your teeth that “sets” as soon as saliva touches it.  The fluoride then stays on your teeth for hours (until the next time you brush), which allows it to penetrate the enamel and perform all of the aforementioned miracles.

There has been a lot of disinformation and overall weirdness on the internet about fluoride.  I am not here to argue one way or another.  I can tell you what I believe.  Point blank – at just $35 bucks per application, Fluoride is the best bargain in dentistry today (whether your insurance covers it or not). Period. End of sentence.  Can I get an AMEN sistahs!!