Dentist Ashburn VA | What Your Mouth Says About Your Health

Dental troubles may reveal a lot about problems elsewhere in your body. Read more about how your oral health can affect your overall health.

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Your Mouth, Your Health

  1. Can Mouth Bacteria Affect the Heart?
  2. Gum Disease and Diabetes
  3. Dry Mouth and Tongue Cause Tooth Decay
  4. Medications That Cause Dry Mouth
  5. Stress and Teeth Grinding
  6. Osteoporosis and Tooth Loss
  7. Pale Gums and Anemia
  8. Eating Disorders Erode Tooth Enamel
  9. Thrush and HIV
  10. Treating Gum Disease May Help RA
  11. Tooth Loss and Kidney Disease
  12. Gum Disease and Premature Birth
  13. What Healthy Gums Look Like


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