Dentist in Ashburn | The Patroness of Dentistry

Source: Studiology – Karen Rexrode

I recently completed a commission for Saint Apollonia, the Patron Saint of Dentistry. A gift for a retiring dentist, the plan was to build a 3D, assemblage piece, following the elements associated with Saint Apollonia. I have a little book of saints and followed the color scheme of red and green.

Patron Saint of Dentistry Apollonia

The back story is pretty gruesome, as are most saintly tales. Saint Apollonia’s teeth were broken as she suffered at the hands of torturers. It was demanded that she renounce Christ, or the torture would continue. If loosing all of her teeth weren’t enough, a fire was built and she was going to be burned alive, only spared if she obeyed. She asked if her torturers might release their hold on her and she proceeded to jump into the fire, unafraid of death.

Saint Apollonia

Always depicted with tooth extractors, a molar and fire, she heals those suffering from toothaches or other dental problems.  It was pointed out to me that the configuration of elements produces an A, something I failed to notice. This project was perfectly timed as I’ve been working on my “Saints and Sinners” show for fall.