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SEALANTS – They’re not for kids any more.  I had a patient the other day who is absolutely terrified of needles and drills.  I know he’s like the only one right?

He asked me, “Doctor Rios, what can I do to make sure I never get a cavity again?”  I was stumped.  This guy has perfect oral hygiene, he’d had like three fillings his whole life, but he was adamant that he never wanted another one.  I thought for a second then I said, “Sealants!”

Sealants are a preventive procedure that we typically do on kids.  But guess what?  Adults get cavities too.  Sealants are a resin coating that we apply to chewing teeth (molars and premolars) that keep food and bacteria out of the grooves and fissures that occur on the chewing surfaces of back teeth.

They are very easy to place.  They require no needles, no drilling, they blend into the tooth so they are nearly invisible and they last for years.  Best of all, they decrease the risk of a cavity by 98%.

When it comes to economics here’s the deal.  A sealant cost $63 bucks.  A filling costs at least $180.  Of course, with a filling you get the needle and the drill at no extra charge.  I know, tough choice.

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