Smile Analysis

Which statement best describes what bothers you most about your smile?

A. I have spaces in between some my teeth

B. One or two of my teeth are out of position

C. Some of my teeth are crooked

D. Some of my teeth are crowded together‎‎

Beyond straightening your teeth, do you have any other complaints about your smile?

A. I don’t like the overall shape of my teeth.

B. I think that I grind or clench my jaw at night and some of my teeth seem to be worn.

C. ‎‎I would like my teeth to be whiter.

D. ‎‎Some of my teeth seem to be too long or too short.‎‎

What most motivates you to improve your smile?

A. I feel self-conscious when I speak, laugh or smile.

‎‎B. I have a big event coming up in my life and having a new smile for that occasion would be meaningful to me.

‎‎C. My career involves working in close proximity with customers or colleagues and a new smile would increase my confidence at work.

‎‎D. My career requires that I speak in front of large groups, improving my smile would give me more confidence.‎‎

Which factor of treatment is most important to you?

A. Comfort

B. ‎‎Cost

C. ‎‎Length of treatment‎‎

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